14. May 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.8.0

  • Fix channel ID: fixed the error when retrieving channel IDs from channel URLs, which occurred for some channels.

08. May 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.7.0

  • Improve CSS: the conflicts that the sliders and grids have with some of the themes have been fixed.

07. May 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.6.0

  • New Slider: a shortcode for showing the video posts in a slider has been added. You can use it as follows:
  • New Grid: a shortcode for displaying the video posts in a grid with paging has been added. You can use it as follows:
    [yt2posts_youtube_grid paged="1" posts_per_page="3"]

30. April 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.5.1

  • New French: the plugin translated into French.
  • New German: the plugin translated into German.
  • New Serbian: the plugin translated into Serbian.
  • Fix Typos: fixed typos in the settings page and notice messages.

23. April 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.5.0

  • New SEO Optimization: the older videos are now kept (not removed), to ensure no links on your website are broken. This should improve the SEO of your website. The users still have the possibility to manually delete the older videos if they want.
  • New Publish or Draft: you can now choose if you want the video posts to be immediately published or set to draft first. This is useful if you want to check out and modify your posts, before they get published.
  • New Full Reset: a new option has been added to remove all the videos and sync again with YouTube. This is useful if you want to revert all your videos to be the same as they are on YouTube.
  • Fix Page 404: an important bug with the error 404 when video posts are previewed has been fixed.

21. April 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.4.1

  • Improve Thumbnails: all the featured images of video posts are now attached to the corresponding video post in the media library.
  • Improve No Duplicates: no video posts are now duplicated. Also, the featured images are not duplicated in the media library anymore.
  • Improve Compatibility: new WordPress 6.2 compatibility.

26. March 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.4.0

  • New Tags or Categories: previously, we added a possibility for a user to choose a label for each channel/playlist, so that the videos from different channels/playlists can be differentiated. In this release, the user can also choose if these labels should be converted to tags or to categories, so that all the videos from the same source get either tagged or categorized by chosen labels.
  • New Default Templates: a default template for showing the video posts is now included. The users can still make their own templates, if they want, but this is not compulsory anymore.
  • Improve RSS Feed: the RSS feed for video posts has been improved to include the video description.

25. March 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.3.1

  • Fix Post Tag Fix: this update brings a small bugfix with post tags for videos from youtube playlists.

24. March 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.3.0

  • New Video Descriptions: when converting youtube videos to wordpress posts, the video descriptions are also added to video posts into a separate field.
  • New Tags: for each youtube source (source = a channel or a playlist), the users can now add a tag, so that all the videos from that source have that tag. This helps differentiate the videos from different channels or playlists.
  • Fix YouTube Playlists: a bug with fetching videos from playlists has been fixed.
  • Improve RSS Feed: improved the RSS feed for video posts, now including the video tags as well.

13. March 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.2.0

  • New RSS Feed: the RSS Feed for video posts has been added. The URL of the RSS feed for YouTube posts is following the standard WordPress convention e.g.<rewrite-slug>/feed. By default, <rewrite-slug> will be youtube, but you can change it to whatever you like in the YT2Posts Settings Page. This means the default URL for the RSS Feed is unless you change the rewrite-slug. In case you change the rewrite slug in YT2Posts Settings, make sure to also flush wordpress permalinks by going to WordPress Dashboard->Settings->Permalinks->Save Changes.

30. January 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.1.0

  • New Multiple Playlists: in addition to adding multiple YouTube channels, it’s now also possible to add multiple YouTube playlists in YT2Posts Settings.
  • Improve Simplified Usage: it’s enough to add the playlists links, instead of playlists IDs to insert playlists into YT2Posts.

28. January 2023.


YT2Posts – v2.0.0

  • New Multiple Channels: it’s now possible to add multiple YouTube channels in YT2Posts Settings.
  • Improve Simplified Usage: it’s enough to add the channels links, instead of playlists IDs to insert channels into YT2Posts.

04. December 2022.


YT2Posts – v1.4.6

  • Improve Increased Limit: the limit on the max. number of the latest videos to fetch from a channel has been increased from 50 to 1000. This limit is just a technicality and can be increased even further if needed.
  • Improve Compatibility: verified compatibility with WordPress 6.1.1.
  • Fix Video Timestamp: the timestamp of videos has been fixed. This means that the post’s published date and time correspond to the date and time when the video has been published.

13. November 2022.


YT2Posts – v1.4.5

  • Improve Compatibility: compatibility with the latest WordPress 6.1
  • Improve PHP: compatibility with the latest PHP v8.1.
  • Improve Optimization: performance optimizations for faster syncing with YouTube.
  • Improve More Languages: fixed compatibility for videos in different languages with non-english characters.
  • Improve Thumbnail Resolution: improved resolution of thumbnail images.
  • Fix Image Names: fixed the filename issues of fetched images.

11. September 2022.


YT2Posts – v1.4.4

  • Improve Compatibility: compatibility with the latest WordPress 6.0.2.
  • New Shortcode: new shortcode [yt2posts-subscribe-link] that when clicked opens up a popup window where the visitor is asked to subscribe to the youtube channel.

28. August 2022.


YT2Posts – v1.4.3

  • Improve Compatibility: compatibility with the latest WordPress 6.0.1.
  • Fix Old PHP: Fixes syntax errors with older PHP versions (pre-7.4 PHP versions).

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